Feng Shui Design Vancouver, BC



Feng Shui DesignThe best areas for decks, patios, pools, fire features, etc. as well as the most auspicious plants, appropriate colours and building materials.

Feng Shui Garden DesignWhat’s included…

We design all the appropriate outdoor elements in the best Feng Shui locations to enhance your overall design and well-being.  Did you know that the design of your garden can bring balance to your whole life or even enhance your wealth production ?  If you do know about Feng Shui, perhaps you are confused about where your deck should go in relation to your garden beds, and what plants to choose and where to put them.  To complement your landscape design, add Feng Shui to your space.  We practise Traditional & Classical Feng Shui, both of which focus on the inter-relationship of form, landscape, and compass direction.

We apply the Bagua Map, which means the nine sectors of life, according to the four directions and the five elements.  By applying this map to what you want to attract  — whether balance or wealth, love or health, etc. – we can help you choose the best shapes and symbols for you, such as water and/or fire features, lighting, sitting or play areas, etc.  We can also tell you the best areas for decks, patios, pools etc. as well as the most auspicious plants, appropriate colours and building materials and design them accordingly in your landscape plan.

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