Crescent Beach, White Rock BC Landscape Design and Construction.

Solution: When the clock hits 5pm, suntanning can be enjoyed after a long days work, catching the setting sun in the West at the higher level patio. While a quick hot tub relax can be enjoyed at the lower level patio, just steps out the back door after dinning or before retiring to bed. A challenging un-used sunny slope was designed into two patio areas. With concrete irregular floating steps leading you to a linear fire feature overlooking the pool and sunset for those long balmy summer evenings where comfy outdoor furniture lounging becomes your new thing. Minimalist, refined colour palette with evergreen low maintenance trees and shrubs for year round interest without being pool messy. This landscape design was inspired from Italy, nautical vibes, haute couture, silver and gold with a touch of tropical near the hot tub. 
Landscape Design and Construction South Surrey, Crescent Beach and White Rock BC.