Solution:  Low maintenance, drought tolerant, Natural Mediterranean style. Plants include verbascums, yarrows, gauras, junipers, boxwood, roses, arctic willows, and foxgloves to name a few.  The colour palette chosen was grey- green blues, pinks, reds, terra cotta and whites.  The dry creek bed was put in to add a pleasing element to the already sloping property with drainage issues.  A four-season garden was emphasized for year-round plant interest and visual enjoyment.  Tasty summer alpine strawberries, beauty berry, foxgloves, winter camelias and christmas roses were planted.  An attractive concrete stepping-stone walk was installed for tenants to access their suite from the roadside.  As well as natural basalt stones, were slipped into the earth, mimicking the natural feel since the property backs onto an open field of trees.

Client Testimonial:

We are thoroughly enjoying our newly installed landscape that Mary Easton, Nicole Easton, and other members of their team installed. They have selected an excellent collection of plants which meet our needs for low maintenance while looking attractive and having interest throughout the year. Mary has provided helpful advice in the choice of what we could do, designed a really attractive way to deal with sloping property, and added interesting elements that enhance the appearance like a “dry creek bed” look to address the joining of the slope to the level grass areas.

The quality of grass installed is also noticeably excellent relative to neighbouring properties.

Mary also has provided good information to us about how to care for the plants, and what maintenance will be needed yearly to keep it looking healthy and attractive. Our neighbours are complementing us on the garden and enjoying it as they walk by or see it adjacent to their properties. Our yard has become a lovely addition to the neighbourhood.

– Judith Ray

Project Date: May 2013
Project Price Range: $10,000-$49,999