This gem speaks for itself!  This is our second landscape we designed for Vancouver builder, Salari. Our design included all walkways, stairs, patio, garden bed layout, deck design and a new west coast contemporary planting scheme. The deck design leads off from the dinning room, where dishes, outdoor eating and entertaining are easily enjoyed.  Big enough for a large dinning table, barbq and upper seating area for mingling at large parties, family gatherings and their future wedding ceremony venue!

A bronze/copper paperbark maple was planted closely to the deck for visual interest, as well as providing some shading in the hot summer months.  Under planted was ligularia Othello rayflower dotted with ‘river mist’ sea oats for a striking contrast.  Blood red lobelia ‘elm fire’ and phormium are placed about for structural vertical interest.  While nico red and northern mandarin lights azaleas will put on a show in the spring.

In the front meet and greet garden, large basalt columns, under planted in moss and wintergreen gaultheria, welcome you up the stairs. Cherry brandy rudebeckia, hot coral and salsa red Echinacea line the front garden bed borders with stunning Russian Olive trees on either side.  Lastly liquid amber ‘slender silhouette’ trees were added to brighten, frame and ground the concrete wall and home.

Project Date:  2014
Project Cost: $75’000- $100’000

Salari BeforeFred After






Client Testimonial:
I’ve retained the services of Mary and Nicole for a few different things, they’ve done a couple plans for me, as well as some landscaping work. Great service, and they definitely know what they’re doing.

When it comes to landscaping, I only know what I like. I have no idea how to get there. Working with the girls is easy, they take care of everything and the end result is 10/10!

Would definitely recommend as long as they don’t get too busy, as I’ll need them always moving forward for my projects! Yes, I’m selfish like that.

Overall great company, great people, and great service.