Landscape Installation Project Staging Options Landscaping in stages by having your design installed over time.

Project StagingHow Project Staging benefits you

Project Staging is meant so you can have your landscape installed in stages under your own timeline and as your needs permit.  It’s also a great way for you to tackle some of the work yourself, if you wish, by choosing from our six landscape project staging options.  You can specify what installation work you would like to begin and what work you would like to be completed later.  Project Staging is a great tool when landscaping within a budget and still achieving a ‘designer garden’.

Six Landscape Installation Stages – What are your options?DSC_1057

1) Garden Ready We design your space and prep your landscape!
Any site-preparation work, such as: weeding, stump removal, excavating, elevations, grading, leveling etc.  Everything before the soil comes.
2) Hardscape – We design your space and install your hardscape.
All proposed hardscape elements, such as: pools, hot tubs, walkways, patios, rockery, water features, wood work, retaining walls, etc.
3) Soil Delivery – We design your space, deliver and spread your soils.
Delivery and spreading of the best market-price garden-blend and turf-blend sterilized soils.
4)Plant Sourcing – We design your space, source your plant material and lay them out.
Plant delivery and lay out, according to the proposed design plan, so all you have to do is plant.
5) Planting & Turf – We design your space, plant your plants and lay your turf.
Planting of all plant material and/or laying of turf.
6) Mulch Delivery –  We design your space and spread your mulch.
Delivery of black composted bark mulch, spread and leveled at the depth you require. Giving weeds no chance to shine.