The best way to visualize your dream outdoor space is through landscape design plans. We analyze your needs and ideas and incorporate them into a detailed drawing to ensure the size, scale, and layout are accurate and pleasing.

Professional Landscape Design Plans

With our combined 50+ years of experience in the horticulture industry—from greenhouses and labs to site engineering and construction—we take pride in the professional landscape design plans we provide our clients.

Our qualifications include:

  • Certificate in Garden Design—University of British Columbia
  • Diploma in Biological Sciences Landscape Horticulture—British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • Master Gardener Certificate—VanDusen Botanical Gardens
  • Certified Feng Shui designer—QC Design School
  • Award-Winning design—BC Place Home and Garden Show Exhibit Awards
  • BCLNA Industry Certified Landscape Technician—Softscape Installation Training—Kwantlen Polytechnic School of Horticulture

As landscape designers, we help you plan all aspects of your outdoor space including unique plant varieties, creative landscape structures, and effective drainage solutions to name a few. Our custom landscape design plans incorporate low-maintenance options, correct plant and tree sizes, effective building material options, and year-round colour.


Most landscape design plans are black-and-white drawings and while this is a good idea of what your end result will look like, sometimes you need more to visualize properly. We offer a number of design add-ons to help you, including inspiration boards, coloured plans and perspective drawings.

Inspiration Boards

Filled with images of featured design elements such as plants, water features, and pots, an inspiration board allows you to see exactly what is going into your landscape and where. Not only do you have the overall vision and design of the project, you also understand the functionality and aesthetic vision behind the plan.

Coloured Drawings

It’s amazing what a bit of colour can do to help bring your landscape design plans to life. By differentiating between paving and decking materials, and seeing the contrast of trees and shrubs and perennials, your eye can better visualize what will be where in your future landscape.

Perspective Drawings

Nothing brings a flat image to life like a perspective drawing. These sketches give depth and a three-dimensional feeling to your drawing. These are best used for portraying featured elements in your future landscape design such as; fences, structures or water features and will help you feel confident with your plan.

Before beginning any landscaping project it’s important to start with a well-drawn plan. It makes the entire process more efficient and ensures you’ll love the end result. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of horticulture and landscape construction materials means our plans are unique, inspirational, and will stand the test of time.