Landscape Design Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows and Port Moody


Landscape Design PhilosophyOur Design Philosophy…

Plant Balance:
Strategic planning of trees/shrubs & ground-covers, whether evergreens, deciduous, perennials or bulbs, we create year-round interest.  To avoid your garden becoming a blank slate of dirt in the dead of winter, we design our landscapes to have a vibrancy of skeletal greenery and backbone.
The style of your home should not go unnoticed.  We work with the architectural details of your home not against it.  We choose both the hardscape and plant palette to complement what exists, not over power.
We like keeping up with the trends, but we don’t forget the true classics.
Functional Intentions:
The ‘right plant right place’ philosophy, perfectly paired with the ‘right hardscape right place’ philosophy equals intentional bold designing with function, purpose and beauty.
Design analysis:
What we think about when we design your space…
-Shading an area – giving the inside of your home strategic views from windows – framing the home – placement according to seasonal interest & highly visual areas -sun/wind exposure – soil conditions – eating/sitting/entertaining areas – pool/hot tub locations – slope/drainage solutions -privacy & utility masking – pet solutions
We don’t believe in cookie-cutter designs.  As designers we strive to include something different and unique in every landscape we create.  Ours is a well-thought-out process.
Hardscape Balance:
In Feng Shui, the ideal place whether indoors or outdoors has the perfect balance of all five elements.
We strive to incorporate a balance of Earth,. Water,. Fire, Metal and Wood- or their substitutions- into every design.
The level of maintenance for some is the most important aspect.  Our formula is based on the following factors:
Reducing pruning and leaf-fall clean up through the percentage and variety of all plant material and trees; retaining weeds through the depth of bark mulch; and reducing edging through the selection of border materials.
Target Budget:
Open communication about target budget at the onset is a really good thing, making sure we are all on the same page.  A ‘good’ design can sometimes have precedence over the installation budget- as the design is highly valued.  We always suggest to clients to put everything you ever dreamed of in a design, as certain elements can be adjusted later, if necessary.