Plant Sourcing Source your planting plan & deliver unique plant varieties & special specimens not available to the general public.  From the nursery to your home.

Plant Sourcing – What is Plant Sourcing?

Plant sourcing is a complimentary service with a landscape consultation, design and/or installation.  We have access to unique, rare, and new plant varieties that are unavailable to the general public in retail nurseries.  We hand select the best healthiest, quality plants and specimens avoiding future costs to you by having to replace dead or damaged plants because of weak or poorly grown specimens.

When we design your planting plan we take into account the colour, size, spacing, height, texture, evergreen vs.non-evergreen, seasonal interest, bloom time, annual maintenance required, garden style, invasive vs. well-behaved, soil, wind and sun exposure, hardiness zones, and how visual or how much foot traffic there will be.  Because of this, we go out of our way to make sure that the varieties designed in your planting plan get delivered and planted in your garden.  They were picked uniquely for purpose and function.  They are designed to fulfill your needs and preferences while providing perfect solutions to any site concerns you may have had.  They are the best suited for your space and your design from now and well into your future.

One of the biggest costly mistakes in Landscape Installations

So you have invested in a landscape design.  You’re excited.  You’re ready to install it, and you decide to pick up your plants from a local nursery.  You may not be able to find everything on your list and, at the very least, you will end up dazed, and confused.  Or you get a revised list, sent back from the nursery, full of proposed plant substitutions.  You say: “Okay. Problem solved!”  This, however, is a costly mistake that homeowners and contractors make unknowingly, costing them more money in the end.  Here’s why…

Why Plant Sourcing benefits you

1You get the correct quantities, varieties and sizes = no future costly maintenance bills
ie: Easton Landscape picks the right plants for the right place

2You won’t be stuck with leftovers, seconds, or unattractive material
ie: We pick the best, healthiest, quality plants & specimens

3Your investment won’t go down the drain come winter time
ie: We pay attention to your plant hardiness zones

4You won’t get trees or plants that are too big or too little for your area
ie: We know the importance of size and the location of your plants

5We know the look and style you are trying to achieve
ie: Low maintenance, garden style: classical style, minimalist, etc.

6We know your site and soil conditions
ie: Shade vs. hot areas, wet vs dry, soil/wind conditions